Mrs. S. Y. Lemye-Tjong was born in Medan on June 11th,1912 as the sixth of eight children of Tjong A Fie and Lim Koei Yap. Her first encounter with music was at the age of 3 and when she was 7, she started to take piano lesson from Mrs. De Veer and Mrs. Wilke in Medan.

In 1926, she went to study at the Geneva Conservatoire of Music in Switzerland, for 8 years. In 1934, she gave her first concert in Singapore and she became the first Asian to receive many awards in Geneva, Switzerland.

In 1948, Mrs. S. Y. Lemye-Tjong started to pioneer her music school by opening Solfeggio and Piano classes in Tjong A Fie Mansion.

It was started with a few student and more concentrated with private class, which attracted the attention of Medan's society, so that she decided to establish a music school in 1950.

With all the ideas that had been gathered and developed, on March 27th, 1950. Medan Music School is established by Mrs. S. Y. Lemye-Tjong.

The Motto of Mrs. S. Y. Lemye-Tjong is
Music is everything.
I dedicate every part of myself to Music.

In 1967, the name Medan Music School was changed into Sekolah Musik Murni; in 1997 it became Lembaga Music Murni and then in 2010 it become Sumatra Conservatoire under Sumatra Conservatoire Foundation.

The vision and mission of Sumatra Conservatoire are to raise appreciation for Western Classical Music in Indonesian people and to become an International standard music school.

The curriculum of Sumatra Conservatoire will be advanced to an International standard college level and to form the Sumatra Symphony Orchestra.

Since its establisement, the music school has produced qualified students and teachers and become very influential in the music world, both nationally and internationally, as well as co-operating with international recognized music education institutions.