• Suzuki Method (Violin)
    1. Individual Class
      At the first level, parents / guardians are required to attend the classes together with their students. The starting lessons are particularly designed for the parents / guardians, so that they will be able to guide their students at home.
      After several lessons and with the teachers\'s approval, parents / guardians are no longer required to be present in the individual classes except if they need to obtain teacher's directions at the end of the study year.
      Study period :
      . Book 1 - Book 2 : 1 x 30 minutes/week
      . Book 3 - Book 4 : 1 x 30 minutes/week
      . Book 5 - Book 10 : 1 x 60 minutes/week

    2. Collective Class
      Collective Class is a class where a group of students collectively study notation basics, play simple musical instruments, listen to the music, support language fluency and good music understanding.
      Study period : 1 x 60 minutes / week

    On the Suzuki Method Non Academic Program, level completion will be determined by Suzuki Music Association of Indonesia (SMAI) in Jakarta, after listening to the recordings of the Violin performance exam from the participants.
    SMAI will provide the graduation certificates upon completion.